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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  September 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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was totally shocked! >> first a "shush" and then a big slap. why a city councilman could face assault charges. looking for sunshine? you won't have to look far today. just how hot it will get in your neighborhood coming up. and if you are traveling the nimitz through oakland, things are looking great in all directions. could be a little slower than usual on westbound 580, though. we'll tell you why coming up. and good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, september 27th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. 6 a.m. today. >> yeah. it's more than just a bake sale, apparently. it's a debate over diversity. >> this morning's event on the cal campus is really a protest against a possible return of affirmative action for college admissions. kristy seifkin is in berkeley, where a surprise is promised today. a lot going on. good morning, kristy. >> reporter: absolutely. this bake sale has been the talk of the cal campus and beyond since last week when it was announced -- this is a bake sale being held by the berkeley college republicans where they are going to sell baked goods based on your race, gender and
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ethnicity so price is different depending on who you are. this is a protest against sb- 185 a bill on the governor's desk that would allow college campus to factor race factors gender and ethnicity in the admissions process. people on facebook says the sale is offensive and racist but the becker college republicans argue that -- but the berkeley college republicans say that's the point. they say it mirrors what they feel sb-185 will do to the admissions process and beyond the college campus many people consider 1 85 a step back from prop 209 which ended affirmative action. >> in this case, instead of saying we are overturning 209, what they say is, moving forward, these agencies have permission to expand the definition or restriction in 209 in these areas. >> i think it's creative, but i think it's kind of -- it's moderately offensive. >> i think it's a really good way for the students to express
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their freedom of speech. >> now, a lot of people agree that s b-1 58 is not the best idea. in fact, three-quarters of our viewers or over three-quarters responded to a cbs 5 poll and said that they think race, gender, ethnicity and national origin should not be considered in the admission process. the public outcry on campus mass prompted the student government to have an emergency meeting one sunday and another one last night but the republican group plans to hold their bake sale today. they say they won't be enforcing the prices on their price list. that said, the price list that they have created charges white students the most, $2 a pastry. and then native americans students the least, about 25 cents with students of different ethnicities falling in between. they plan to hold that sale in a very strategic location across from the phone bank that's being held in support of sb-185. now, this race-based bake sale is not an entirely new concept. one was held on the cal campus
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years ago when people were trying to overturn affirmative action. and we have been told by some students they plan to count they are bake sale that's going -- they plan to counter this bake sale that's going on in different ways. some may hand out free cupcakes to all students as a gesture. and then we heard from some students yesterday they might have a surprise counter protest. the events start at sproul plaza. smoking might be snuffed out in downtown concord. the city council is voting tonight on a plan to ban smoking for 17 blocks surrounding toto santos plaz in all areas accessible to the general public. smoking would be banned even on private property if it is accessible to the public. no other contra costa city has a downtown-only smoking ban. tonight's meeting begins at 6:30. two women on the sausalito city council say they have had enough. they are sick of being
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mistreated by the men on the council. >> and the last straw for one woman when a councilman slapped her hand in front of everyone. stephanie chuang has the video. certainly stirring up quite the controversy here , huh? >> reporter: it has. and these women say it's a pattern of disrespect that they have experienced, which is what led to these charges being filed. now, four hours into a meet it would go weeks ago, likely the councilmembers were tired and perhaps that explains how emotions soured so quickly. here is a video from that meeting so you can be the judge of what happened. councilwoman carolyn ford says she couldn't hear a report that was being given because two councilmembers were talking. seeing the bottom right there she puts up her hand, puts it back down herself and then the vice mayor, mike kelly, slapped it in a quick motion. what you cannot here is ford shussing the vice mayor and he snaps back, don't "shush" me. that's when she says, he slapped her hand. ford tells us the men on the council have mistreated their female colleagues time and time again and 10 days after the
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slap she filed asaw the charges against the vice mayor -- she filed assault charges against the vice mayor. people understand both sides. >> it's ridiculous that she is -- not taking it that far. it is a personal attack on her but a bit outrageous to be filing a full police report by going ahead and pressing charges, some saying it's a minor deal. >> i think it actually establishes a line in the sand the way one needs to conduct oneself. >> linda pfeiffer another councilmember says there's been a real history of verbal abuse, heckling, belittlement, from the start. she is courageous to take a stand and speak out. many time, mayor herb weiner didn't want to talk because this is under investigation. if the d.a.'s office prosecutes, it says it would be a battery misdemeanor case and that's a maximum of 6 months in jail or $1,000 fine. vice mayor kelly meantime did not return our calls nor our e- mails. ford says she actually would consider dropping the charges if she got an apology.
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she is though switching seats for tonight's meeting which starts at 7:00 and guys, this will be the first time since this all happened two weeks ago. >> i was going to say, sausalito has never seen so many people at one of their council meetings. >> absolutely. >> reporter: at least been controversy recently in their meetings so people say it's not surprising this is happening, that it's gotten to this point but surely it's taken some people by surprise. [ laughter ] >> thanks, stephanie. nurses from alta bates summit medical center head back to work today. they went on a one-day strike last thursday. sutter kept its replacements for five days though locking out regular nurses until today. striking nurses blame those replacement nurses for the death of a patients on saturday. the cancer patient was killed when a nutritional supplement was accidentally injected into her bloodstream instead of her stomach. hundreds of people are expected tonight for a memorial for michelle le. today marks four months since
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the nursing student disappeared and 10 days since her body has been found. le's family says the event at samuel merit university in oakland will be an opportunity to thank the community for all of its support. a private service will be held later. bryan stow's family calls this a, quote, magical time in his recoverry. the giants fan was beaten in march and getting stronger and more responsive. his family says bryan sat up on the side of his hospital bed and has been telling things things is like, hi, bye, i love you. bryan went outside for the first time in nearly six months and when asked how he felt about it, he said, quote, it's magical. >> it's been six months now since that beating. >> i know. >> so good for him. hey, weather-wise, i think we're in for a good one today. >> think it's going to be sun and warm. >> yes, a nice fall treat the way we like it at this time of the year. should be a fantastic day ahead as we'll see plenty of
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sunshine. temperatures are going to be hot especially inland, temperatures as high as 60 in mountain view, 62 in concord, 50 degrees and cool in the napa valley. and 52 degrees in santa rosa just a couple of patches of fog out toward the coastline. how about those temperatures today? yup. they are going to be something else! 92 degrees in antioch, about 79 gorgeous in oakland, 83 redwood city. about 76 degrees in san francisco. and about 85 degrees in san jose. even hotter tomorrow. more on that in a moment. right now let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> we are getting word of a new accidents westbound 24 near fish ranch road before the you reach the caldecott tunnel. sounds like it's off to the shoulder but injuries are reported. we'll follow that. the bay bridge toll plaza, starting to see some real delays now in the cash lanes. otherwise fastrak users still get by okay. overall not too bad because the metering lights are off. westbound 580 an extra slow ride because of an earlier accident, all cleared but you
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can see some pretty slow speeds behind it. really sluggish as you make your way past vasco road. and your drive time across the stretch growing quite significantly. almost 26 minutes now on westbound 580 out of the altamont pass and heading towards pleasanton. that is traffic. back to you. >> all right. 6:09 now. the doctor charged with killing the king of pop goes on trial today. we'll have a live report from los angeles. >> and police open fire on threatening dogs at a bay area park. why officers say they were forced to kill. and caught on tape. tourists scramble as a quake hits the washington monument. the high-flying move to check the damage today.
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mateo police rushing to "lae meadows park, where two dogs were threatening children playing soccer. frantic 911 calls had police rushing to laurie meadows park for dogs threatening people. people were able to get between the dogs and children yesterday afternoon. tasters didn't stop the dogs. so they fired their weapons. one was killed, one wounded. no one was bitten or injured at the park. a packed house tonight as
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oakland school official weigh a plan to close half dozen schools to save the district more than $2 million. the five elementary schools on the chopping block for 2012 are: lakeview, lazear, marshall, maxwell park, and santa fe. a final decision on those closures is expected by october 26. it may look like a life acts action movie at the national mall today in washington, d.c. take a live look at the washington monument where structural engineers will begin rapelling down the sides of the monument looking for more damage from that east coast quake from last month. newly released video from the top of the monument shows tourists evacuating the moment the 5.8 quake hit. since then, the landmark has been closed. time now 6:14. opening statements kick off today in the michael jackson death trial. the first witness taking the stand. we have live report coming up. and ladies, drink up! how a few cups of coffee a day could help you beat the blues.
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conrad murray. he's the doctor accused of giving michael jackson a lel dose of an anesthetic an opening statements today in the trial of conrad murray accused of giving michael jackson a lethal dose of an anesthetic and other sedatives. kirk hawkins reports from the
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courthouse in downtown l.a. >> reporter: frank and grace, good morning to you. right now we're live just outside the courthouse here and this is a trial that will be broadcast all around the world. a total of 80 media agencies are represented here. as we take live look in front of the courthouse, you can see some of the members of the media are already gathering here setting up arrivals area where members of the jackson family are expected to go inside the courthouse but joining members of the media some fans and even supporters of michael jackson and conrad murray, as well. a jury of 7 men and five women will hear opening statements in the involuntary manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor conrad murray. he is accused of playing a role in the 2009 death. jackson died from an overdose of propofol in combination with other drugs. the first prosecution will be kenny ortega the entrepreneur of jackson's "this is it" shows. our legal analyst says the
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witness to watch is the forensic pathologist. >> it's a complex trial that jurors know will unfold in layers overtime. >> reporter: the judge rejected a motion to show this video in court. the defense says it shows jackson was under the influence and ailing months before his death when he announced his this is it series of concerts in london. the judge also rejected a motion to admit evidence showing murray ignored law enforcement requests for extended interviews in the days after jackson's death. this is a trial that could last between four to six weeks. if convicted, murray could face four years behind bars. that's the latest live in downtown l.a., i'm kirk hawkins, back to you. >> thank you. good morning, bay area. we have fall sunshine coming our way. temperatures are heating up outside. starting out with mostly clear skies, patchy fog at the coast.
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temperatures in the 50s and sixes already. 60s and 70s at the beaches there, gorgeous, mostly sunny. inside the bay some 70s and a few 80s in the valleys hot into the mid-90s in some spots. the warming continues it looks like continuing not only today but tomorrow. probably the peak of the heat. then things will begin to cool down as we head in toward the latter part of the week and toward the weekend. temperatures looking like this. plan on about 58 degrees today in san jose. 94 and hot in livermore. 79 gorgeous in oakland. 76 degrees and sunny in san francisco. and 88 degrees in santa rosa. out over the next couple of days it will be hotter. then we'll start to cool things down on thursday and friday. much cooler over the weekend with more clouds on the way. slate chance of showers on sunday. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> a few problems before the caldecott tunnel in the commute direction westbound 24
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approaching fish ranch road. injury crash. the vehicle at one point was on its roof so everything has been cleared to the right shoulder. there likely will be some spectator slowing so expect slower speeds this morning heading through orinda. towards the bay bridge on the san francisco side of the span as you can see, everything looks great past the fremont street exit. it is at the bay bridge toll plaza though that we are starting to see those delays. the metering lights were turned on around 6:15 so five minutes ago and now we have delays in all lanes this morning backed toward the end of the lot. five to 10 minutes to get on the span. nimitz looks great 880 fine past the coliseum towards downtown oakland. slow spots westbound 4 past antioch and speeds improve through pittsburg and concord and westbound 580 an earlier accident near portola avenue near livermore backed things up so your drive time still about 30 minutes from the altamont pass out towards the dublin interchange. once again, once hit the road, remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm.
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back to you. >> thank you. 6:21 now. an added perk to drinking coffee. how the morning cup helps women beat the blues. >> can i buy you a cup? >> yes, you can. [ laughter ] >> a little dog and one big traffic problem what it took to finally corral this wayward pooch when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. we have a camera full of brake lights as you approach the pay gates at the bay bridge toll plaza because the metering lights have been turned on. must we are also following an injury crash. it is in orinda before you reach the caldecott tunnel. we'll tell you about that coming up. thanks, elizabeth. 6:24. new data shows that the a traffic congestion in the bay area has stayed the same. why? partly because of the struggling economy. now, a study by a texas nonprofit says that the average bay area driver deals with 50 hours of delays per year. and that number has stayed the same for the past three years. but it is expected to increase if and when the local economy picks up. this year, san francisco's 7th among the most congested metropolitan areas in the nation. washington, d.c. got the distinction of being number one followed by chicago, los angeles, houston and new york. last year the bay area came in sixth. 7th this year. >> a little better. here's a scary dog story but don't worry, it ends well. >> let's go to up portland,
6:25 am
oregon where a three-year-old pomeranian name mango got out of his collar. drives stopped to try to help -- drivers stopped to try to help. she is in the middle of the highway! well, she ran finally to a schoolyard, was eventually caught despite traffic in portland, oregon. there is the owner. old mango will be locked up for a couple of weeks now. >> mischievous mango. >> get that collar on. lucky dog, all that stuff. a cup of joe a day could keep the blues away. >> for women. >> new study by harvard researchers found women who drank 2 to 3 cups a day lowered the risk of depression by 15%. the women who drank even more, four or more cups of coffee a day, reduced the risk by 20%. researchers say caffeine helps stimulate our central nervous system and it boosts your alertness as well as your mood. >> lawrence is taking notes over there. [ laughter ] >> lunch, buy coffee -- >> what are you saying?
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[ laughter ] >> we are just saying happy -- not saying a thing! 6:26. coming up the solar setback. how budget cuts are turning off the lights on a major green project here in the bay area. plus, smokers might be snuffed out in a big section of the city. the ban being considered in one part of the bay area. the price of baked goods is causing a stir on the cal campus as students plan a race- based bake sale in protest of senate bill 185. the details on how students plan to protest that big sale coming up. and a bay area councilwoman accuses a councilman of assault. the proof she says is all caught on camera. that and more coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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gains. dow futures rose lf percent wall street opening higher today building on yesterday's big gainers. the dow futures rose more than 1.5% this morning. kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks will be here in 15 minutes and he will crunch the early numbers. everything is pointing up. that's a wonderful thing. for a tuesday. good morning, everybody. september 27. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. we are going to check in with
6:30 am
lawrence now. he is in a good mood because it's looking good. >> it is looking great out there, grace. we are going to see a lot of sunshine around the bay area. the temperatures are going to be heating up, cooler in parts of the north bay right now. but much warmer weather on the way even some 90s. we'll have more on that in a moment. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> we have good news to start off. better news through orinda. after an earlier accident westbound 24 right before the caldecott tunnel. we'll update you on that. 6:30. a bake sale, the center of controversy on the cal campus this morning. kristy seifkin is in berkeley where a surprise is promised today in a debate over diversity. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this bake sale has drawn attention since the end of last week when it was announced this is a sale being held by the berkeley college republicans and they are going to sell baked goods at different price depending on your gender,
6:31 am
ethnicity and your race. and this is all as a protest to sb 185 a bill on the governor's desk that if passed would allow public campuses to consider race, gender and ethnicity in the admissions process. it's made students angry and the bake sale has angered some students who call it offensive and racist on facebook posts and that public outcry prompted several meetings and first an emergency meeting on sunday night and another meeting last night. the berkeley republicans still plan to make the point about sb- 185. >> the way this bill is written is loose. it talks about gender, race, ethnicity, "and other relevant factors." it's very vague in terms of the factors and more importantly how they will use them. >> the issue they are organizing around sb-185 is one that deserves a lot of debate and attention but they went about it in the wrong way. >> reporter: some people consider the bill to be a step
6:32 am
back from prop 209, which ended affirmative action many years ago. and in fact, over three- quarters of the viewers at cbs 5 who participated in an online poll agree that gender, race and ethnicity should "not" be considered in the admission process. the berkeley republicans won't be enforcing the price list at the sale. but that said, the price list that they are creating charges white students the most, $2 a pastry and native americans the least only 25 cents. and then students of different ethnicities are charged various amounts inside that price range. that sale is being held at a very strategic location right across from a phone bank that's being held today in support of sb-185. this concept of a race-based bake sale is not new to the cal campus. a similar type of event was held when people were rallying for prop 209 and we have heard that there actually be a protest to count counter that sale today. they are expected to protest
6:33 am
this afternoon. some sort of a surprise we are not sure what they will do when they arrive, and we have also heard some students may be handing out cupcakes to everyone for free kind of as a gesture that, you know, everyone is equal regardless of race or ethnicity so we'll have to wait and see what they have planned later on today at sproul plaza. back to you. >> they are making their point and getting attention. thank you, kristy. it is 6:33 now. nurses at alta bates summit medical center in oakland will go back to work about a half hour from now. now, the nurses planned a one- day walkout last thursday but the hospital kept them out four more days because of the replacement nurses' contract. the nurses union blames that for the death of a patient who was killed by a nutritional supplement that was accidentally injected into her blood instead of her stomach. a 23-year-old replacement nurse from new orleans was responsible for that injection. two women on the city council of sausalito say that they are fed up with mistreatment by male councilmembers. the last straw for one of the
6:34 am
women when a councilman slapped her hand in front of everyone. sharon chin has a copy of the video. take a look for yourself. >> okay. so this -- >> reporter: councilwoman carolyn ford said she was just trying to hear the public works director's reports on dredging at the sausalito council's two weeks ago. colleagues were talking. she will raise her hand and tell vice mayorer mike kelly next to her to "shush." >> don't "shush" me. >> don't hit me. >> don't "shush" me! put your hand on my side of the table. >> well! >> okay, come on... >> don't "shush" me! >> come, you guys. >> it hurt. >> reporter: 10 days after her hand got slapped, councilwoman ford filed assault charges against vice mayor kelly. >> it was not a light tap or just a medium slap. it was hard. it was meant to hurt. and i was totally shocked! >> reporter: ford says despite team building workshops the men on the council have been more
6:35 am
than rude to their female colleagues. councilwoman linda pfeiffer who didn't want to talk on camera agreed with ford. she said there's been a history of verbal abuse heckling belittlement from the start. she is courageous to take a stand and speak out. >> this has crossed over a personal boundary of mine. i can't tolerate this kind of behavior. i don't think anyone, any person, should hit another person. >> reporter: police say their investigation will determine whether to give the case to the district attorney. the d.a.'s office says if it prosecutes the matter as a battery misdemeanor case, conviction would carry a maximum 6 months in jail or $1,000 fine but ford says she would consider dropping the charges. >> an apology would be very nice. i would have to be assured that this kind of abuse would stop. >> reporter: people in sausalito say they understand both sides. >> i think it's a bit ridiculous that, you know, she's -- not taking it that far. it is a personal attack on her.
6:36 am
but a bit outrageous to be filing a full police report. >> by actually going ahead and pressing charges, some would say oh, it's a minor deal but i think it actually establishes a line being drawn in the sand about conduct. >> reporter: the mayor declined to talk since the matter is under investigation. vice mayor kelly did not return our phone calls or e-mails. tensions could be high. tonight's council meeting is the first since that hand slapping incident. >> ford is asked to have her seat moved away from the vice mayor. she will be sitting in the second seat between the other councilwoman and the mayor. hopefully this is a wake-up call to start acting like adults a little bit. >> one thing you can't argue about, the weather. >> yeah. >> looking good. >> nice job, big guy. thank you very much, guys. hey, we are going to see a lot of sunshine around the bay area today. temperatures will be heating up very nicely. still starting a little cool in spots today. 40s in parts of the north bay into the napa valley. 50 degrees in santa rosa. 59 in oakland.
6:37 am
and 57 degrees in san jose. this afternoon, we are enjoying some temperatures and they will be heating up big time usually for this time of year, 70s and some 80s. we are going to be well above the average in place like concord at 92 degrees, 10 degrees above the average. 12 degrees above the average in livermore at 94. and a good 5 degrees above the average, 85 degrees the expected high in san jose. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. our hotspot is definitely the ride westbound five out of 580 out of the altamont pass. huge line of read, not good. one accident at pour lola avenue in livermore -- portola avenue in livermore, now a new one at grant line road. three-car crash. 26 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. once you get past livermore, then speeds improve closer towards 680. but it is really bottlenecking right there past the wind turbines. to the south bay we get a check now and everything looks okay
6:38 am
right now coming out of downtown san jose. so that's no big problem there. and out towards the bay bridge toll plaza, where you can see the metering lights have definitely been turned on because it is backed up in all lanes jammed to the west grand overcrossing. that is traffic. back to you. >> thank you. smoking might be snuffed out in downtown concord. the city council voting tonight on a plan to ban smoking for 17 blocks surrounding toto santos plaza in all areas accessible to the general public. smoking would be banned even on private property if accessible to the public. no other contra costa city has a downtown-only smoking ban. should be a busy night tonight. they meet at 6:30. tough financial circumstances for the city of san jose are threatening a major component of the mayor's clean energy plan. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins us now on the plan to install solar panels now in jeopardy. seems like everything is on the chopping block these days, matt. >> reporter: yeah. this is a pretty ambitious plan
6:39 am
to install solar panels on more than two dozen city buildings. now it may have to be scaled back. we are talking about only five buildings instead of 28 or 38 buildings that would get the solar panels. the reason is, the financing deal that san jose worked out with solar city may not make sense if some of those buildings that get the solar panels are closed. the city is considering closing both branch libraries and community centers as a result of a projected budget deficit between $78 million and $115 million. so basically, it doesn't make sense to put solar panels on a building if they are using little electricity. last week we talked to san jose's acting environmental services director. she said this project requires that no general fund money be spent. [ pause ] >> reporter: the city council will take up the proposal later today. so we'll see how all this gets hashed out at the city council
6:40 am
meeting. according to the "mercury news," it's unclear if solar city will go along with the project if it is significant scaled back. the mayor still sounds supportive that it still makes sense to put solar panels on a few buildings, maybe not the entire 28. live in san jose, matt bigler for cbs 5. it is 6:40. coming up, has the ipad met its match? we have a live report. that's right. what we're hearing about a kindle update that could really compete with apple. >> and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. take a quick check of the numbers. all the indicators were up and look at that. we can have back-to-back monster days, up 200 points. >> we're in the green! jason brooks with kcbs and will crunch the numbers when we come back. so stay right there. ,this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for take off.
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fuel. the customer plans to put the plane into service in november. >> good morning, bay area. we have a great fall day, lots of sunshine as temperatures will heat up outside. let's take out this right now and check it out. a beautiful beginning to the morning. sunrise 7:01. and looks like it is going to be a great day ahead as we're expecting plenty of sunshine all day long even at the coast, we'll see a lot of sunshine out there. so yup, these are our weather headlines around the bay area. clear start in most spots, warmer temperatures on the way. but before we get used to it, we have some big changes as we head in toward the weekend. so not a bad beginning. just a couple of patches of fog at the coastline. otherwise, mostly clear everywhere else. mid-90s inland. even along the coast becoming mostly sunny and mild temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. high pressure building in and
6:45 am
looks like it will continue to do so for at least another day so our temperatures will warm up maybe even an offshore flow really kicking in for tomorrow. today's temperatures going to be very nice outside 84 degrees, comfortable and warm in milpitas. 83 in mountain view. about 80 degrees in palo alto. 69 in half moon bay. and 70 degrees in pacifica. mid-90s in the hottest spots inland today into brentwood and also into livermore as well as pleasanton. 95 in vallejo. into san francisco, you're looking at 76 degrees. 79 in alameda. and a beautiful 76 degrees in berkeley. more sunshine on the way, temperatures heat up, slowly cooling off thursday and friday. more clouds over the weekend, much cooler temperatures coming our way. that's a look at weather. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> i wanted to show you a live look at conditions across the golden gate bridge because for once in a long time we can see the golden gate bridge. fog not an issue this morning as you cross the span. beautiful picture and traffic looks great as well from marin
6:46 am
into san francisco. this is definitely other slow spot westbound 580 out of the at a we are dealing with a couple of accidents. slow west bound 580 out of the altamont pass. past the wind turbines it's slow past vasco road. also, a crash approaching grant line blocking one lane so that's not helping matters. closer towards pleasanton and the dublin interchange, then we see speeds improve. out towards the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights have been on now since about 6:15. so you are stacking up towards the west grand overcrossing at least a 0 minute wait or so to get -- at least a 10 minutes wait to get on the span. it could be busier than that because delays continue to grow. sluggish up the incline, as well. accident around fish ranch road is out of lane, slight delays approaching the tunnel. traffic down the eastshore freeway, starting to get busy now. in fact a little touch heavier than normal for a while a couple lanes blocked through
6:47 am
emeryville near the powell street exit for some ongoing paving work. but that's now wrapped up. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. new this morning, home prices in most big cities went up again july. here's jason brooks with kcbs and with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. at least we are getting some indications that housing prices showed some stabilization over the summer. latest report from s&p and kay schiller shows across the 20 biggest markets, prices were up about .4% in july from june. however, when you look at a year-over-year basis, they continue to sink down about 4% across the top 20 markets. as far as the bay area goes, we saw a bigger drop from a year earlier down 5.6%. the monthly gain was .3% lower than the month before. a lot of confusion yesterday regarding apple and
6:48 am
the ipad. an analyst with jpmorgan chase says he saw a lot less ipad demand from apple to its suppliers in asia. that's a big deal. apple rules the tablet market and is expected to sell 10 to 12 million ipads in the 4th quarter. another analyst at jpmorgan chase refuted that report saying that was a check from his asian colleagues and that his look at apple shows that its demand for the 4th quarter looks good that if anything apple may have produced more ipads in the 3rd quarter to be sure of availability for the holidays. optimism around the world. europe is figuring out a solution for the greek debt drama whether it will be bailed out. global markets rose and reflect
6:49 am
on wall street early on. all three indices up after the dow gained 272 points yesterday. also commodities are coming back. gold up about 60 bucks. well over $1,600 an ounce now. and oil is higher by almost $3 a barrel. >> amazing what a little optimism can do. >> absolutely. >> thank you. well, tomorrow amazon is expected to unveil its new kindle tablet and some say the kindle fire may have what it takes to compete against the ipad. cooling-off cnet editor-at- large brian cooley is here to talk about it. >> i avoid the kill would. anybody who tries to be a killer of anything -- trying to kill anything apple does that they have good success in is real difficult. what i see is a good ipad alternative for people who are perhaps more price-sensitive. we expect this to be $300 or less for a very similar device
6:50 am
smaller, 7", being made by the same people who made the blackberry playbook which didn't do well but it may be a similar size and shape. but it will be tied to amazon services as opposed to blackberry services. and that appeals to a different market. >> yeah. because you have shopping, you have music, a number of things. >> video streaming which amazon is doing a lot of now lately and the kindle bookface. so i talked a lot of people. should i get an ipad or kindle? amazon is saying, we have enough ipad in this and we obviously have kindle functionality in this, buy this and have both. it will run android apps because it will be an android based tablet -- speculation but it should be android-based and there are hundreds of thousands of android-based apps. the key is whether amazon will let you run any app on it or have a certain basket of apps that they have approved and filtered. i'm not clear on that but it will run lots of apps. >> and email? we do it on our ipads all the time. >> email is so easy now.
6:51 am
through a web browser for gmail, yahoo mail, aol mail. or if you have a special client, it may not be pre- installed but it will be easy to install if not. >> they announced it tomorrow. it comes out in november just in time for the holidays. >> funny how that works out. >> what are the drawbacks compared to the ipad? >> if it is 7" makes for a great book reader experience then it makes for less good of a web experience or movie watching experience. you have to balance those two. and also it's not apple. and apple has the greatest number of developers. apple has this whole ecosystem of iphone, ipad, even ipod and imac. you're not buying into as rich an ecosystem of devices that work together but you are buying into a nice ecosystem of amazon services. it's a balance for people. >> can you read a book on an ipad? >> you can read the books on the kindle appear or use apple's i books. these are color lcd screens like an i top. there is no replacing the real ink on a real kindle for easy
6:52 am
reading. 249 is the expectation and you will get free wireless access through an amazon prime account which everyone else charges you for to be on 3-g. >> might have to take a look. >> it's a serious contender. we'll see what happens tomorrow at the announcement. >> thank you, brian. in just a few minutes, they are going to be back to work. we are live as bay area nurses go back to their jobs after the strike, the lockout and the deadly medical mistake. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia.
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i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. [ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. several hospitals in the eat bay... for the first time in nearly a week. 6:55. staff nurses will be back on the job at hospitals in the east bay for the first time in nearly a week. stephanie chuang reports. >> reporter: good morning. in just a few minutes at 7:00 that's the official return time of these nurses who had been on strike and then were locked out for several days. we are not going to see a bunch of them walk in. most go through the parking garage. this happens after sutter health brought in 500 replacement nurse to this hospital in oakland as well as to two berkeley campuses locations. during this five-day lockout is when a 66-year-old ovarian
6:56 am
cancer patient died. she was killed when one of the replacement nurses actually made a mistake. according to the "san francisco chronicle," the 23-year-old nurse from new orleans mistakenly put a nutritional supplement into the wrong catheter into a catheter that was supposed to feed medicine into the patient's bloodstream. the patient died soon after that error early saturday morning. and since then, that week, this week, actually, the nurses union has demanded an end to the lockout policy. they say if they had been allowed to return to the hospital after the strike thursday this wouldn't have happened. sutter officials say that they had to agree to a five-day lockout term for these replacement nurses and that those nurses were fully qualified. grace? >> i'll take it, stephanie. thanks. this morning college republicans at uc-berkeley are going ahead with a diversity
6:57 am
bake sale. they are posting prices based on race and gender protesting against california senate bill 185 which would let schools consider race, ethnicity and agendaer in admission. it may look like an action movie at the national mall today but there you go. that's actually the washington monument. structural engineers are rapelling down the sides looking for damage from that east coast earthquake last month. as you know, they had to shut down the monument. it hasn't been opened since the earthquake. were there were cracks throughout. they are looking for more. it might be several months before that reopens. but that's the washington monument right there. >> i was thinking any thrill seekers would love to rappel down the washington monument. how awesome. >> it looks so not scary from that perspective. >> look down from the top! [ laughter ] >> ah!
6:58 am
weather-wise you're a hero today. it's all good. >> we have great stuff weather- wise. a lot of sunshine, 60s and 70s at the coast, hot inland into the 90s. probably heating up through tomorrow then going to start that slow cooldown on the weekend. much cooler temperatures more clouds on the way. tell you what we have that final series for the giants if plan to head out there. game time 7:15 clear and mild. 67 degrees. giants against the rockies tonight. >> i will be watching. [ laughter ] >> i'm so excited! >> i liked them a little bit at the beginning. [ laughter ] towards the bay bridge, it is our busy spot this morning. metering lights have been on for 45 minutes. so it is stacked up towards the west grand overcrossing. cars not moving too fast. recycling the metering lights slowly this morning. also lower deck eastbound 80 by
6:59 am
one, everything good towards oakland eastbound 80 by 101. san mateo bridge no problems. slow for your silicon valley commute westbound 237. that is right there by the 880 interchange. >> let's see, shopping or going to the giants game? >> furniture. i have to find a coffee table. that's first. >> thanks for joining us today on cbs 5 "early edition." we have your next local update at 7:25. coming up next on "the early show," the morning cup of joe could beat the blues and reduce the risk of depression for the ladies out there. >> caption colorado, llc good morning. capitol hill leaders cut a late-night deal to avoid a massive government shutdown. one senator said we averted


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